Sunday, 17 September 2017


Hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend!

Remember, our Science Fair is THIS WEEK!!!  Please make sure your child's science experiment ingredients are enough for AT LEAST two experiments!  And please send this to school AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, then we won't have any tears on Friday of children who forgot their ingredients or boards at home!

This is going to be A LOT OF FUN!!!  So please come over in the morning - in the hall, or in the afternoon - in Room 13, to come and have a look at our AMAZING projects!

Thanks so much for everyone involved who helped in any way possible, this means THE WORLD to these kids.

See you on Friday!


Monday, 4 September 2017


It is almost time for our SCIENCE EXPO!  Those of you who still haven't brought their science boards to school, please do so as soon as you are ready.

We are REALLY looking forward to seeing them!  This day is going to be AMAZING!!!

Good luck to everyone who is still working on theirs!